Band:The Kwyet Kings (Norway)
Label:That's Entertainment Records
Screaming Apple Records
Highlights:Ain't Nobody's Business
You Got What I Want
Can?t Go On
Gonna Make You Smile Again
Need You Baby

Rating: 8/10

The Kwyet Kings are a Norwegian garage/R'n'B band, whose musical style is strongly influenced by such 60's bands as The Yardbirds, The Animals and the Shadows Of Knight. Firebeat is the band's first record and is dedicated to The Firebeats (a Norwegian band from the 60's whose lead singer Yngve Bjerke lends his vocals to the Kwyet King's rendition of The Firebeat's classic, Let Me Tell You). Although the sound is a little thin, this is still one great album. The Kwyet Kings manage to portray a sense of naivety and fun and the playing throughout is infectious. Garage music is one of those genres where there is a noticeable difference between good and great and The Kwyet Kings do all the small things well. For example, just listen to Knut Schreiner's soaring guitar breaks in songs like I Say Yeah and You Got What I Want, which are reminiscent of Jeff Beck's ground breaking guitar pyrotechnics with the Yardbirds. It is also worth noting that Kyre Fledsberg's organ and harmonica playing is also excellent, adding another dimension to the band's overall sound. Firebeat is a classic R'n'B album from the Kwyet Kings and only the modern production distinguishes them from their 60's inspirations.